They promise you low interest rates, longer repayment tenure, instant disbursement, etc., but behind these false ads are loan sharks you do not want to have any business with because they will help you damage your credit history.

Now, that brings us to why this review website has been created. This is the only honest resource in Nigeria that will help you decide if a loan app is worth it or not.

It doesn’t end there; looking carefully, you’ll see that we have lots of small tasks and get paid websites. Unfortunately, not all of them treat us users well. So, we also cover these platforms, and help you know which of them are not worth it.

The third focus of this website is your money management. You’ll find lots of banking apps, some trying to replace traditional bank apps but not all of them are worth it as your money can get trapped. It’s still this website that will help you identify and avoid such apps for the safety of your finances.

This website is created for all of us, and you can contribute by sharing your experiences, recommending what apps to review, helping us fact check, etc. You’re welcome.