SproutGigs Not Fake But MicroJobs & Gigs Not Worth It Anymore

Thinking of signing up on SproutGigs? You need to read this before you start. SproutGigs is a place where you can do simple digital jobs and gigs and get paid. I have been on Sproutgigs for quite some time, and I can say it was amazing while it lasted. It was formerly called Picoworkers. Right now, it isn’t the place to be for instant cash anymore if you don’t want to work as a freelancer. You can still earn, but nothing tangible, even as a freelancer.

Ps. This is purely a review and nothing about how to sign up. You can search for that one online. But for now, pay attention so you know what it’s like to do work on SproutGigs.

SproutGigs Real or Fake?

SproutGigs is a real paying website and not a scam. The real problem is what you’ll find out here.

I’m not going to behave like other creators who promise that you can make up to $10 a day on Sproutgigs or even more than $100 a month. They only want you to use their referral code so that they can earn a referral bonus. SproutGigs pays you 5% of each purchase and each successfully completed job by your referrals. That’s why you find creators encouraging you to join. You should, but not with high expectations.

The truth is: even if you put in all your time 24/7, you won’t easily make $100 on SproutGigs if you sign up to do small jobs like visiting websites, liking Facebook posts, X posts, etc.

You’ll have to own your own market. I mean create a gig that people are willing to pay for. It could be a writing gig, web development gig, etc. While SproutGigs is legit, the gig’s pay is too low and discouraging.

As a Nigerian, you won’t earn a lot. Buyers like to underbid freelancers in this region, the same with other African countries, India and Pakistan.

How Does SproutGigs Work?

SproutGigs is a small Fiverr. This also means that what you can earn is small. It’s generally a platform for both skilled and unskilled people. That is, you can sign up to do simple jobs like following social media profiles, subscribing to a YouTube channel, etc., or work as a freelancer offering services such as writing, graphic design, web development, SEO (search engine optimization), etc. The only problem is that gigs here are underpriced. There are a total of 27 different gigs available that you can offer and get paid.

I keep mentioning gigs because it’s where the skilled money is, but you need skills. What many people are signing up for is the unskilled section known as MicroJobs. I’ll get into that.

After signing up, you can switch your account between buyer and freelancer.

Toggle on freelancer on SproutGigs

Just toggle the button to freelancer if yours isn’t already set to that. For this review, I am focusing on the freelancer side of things.

The very first way to earn is through referrals. When you refer a friend, you will get paid 5% of each deposit/task they make or complete. In this case, if you sign up with sproutgigs.com/?a=f5043aa5, you will be using my referral code, which I encourage you to.

We also have surveys. Yes, you can earn from surveys too, but you won’t find many of them that you qualify for. However, SproutGigs partners with some of the best survey platforms I’ve seen, including Cpx Research, AdGate, Lootably, Adscend Torox, and YourSurveys. The experience is the same thing you’ll find if you use a platform like TimeBucks.

Moving on, you can earn by offering a gig. This one requires you to be skilled in something. I mentioned earlier that there are 27 different gig categories, and listed some popular examples. You can post your gig under any of the related categories, and if the moderators approve it, it will be published for buyers to see.

But there are some problems, which are the reasons SproutGigs might not be worth it for you.

Gigs Are Competitively Cheap…

For a buyer, it’s going to be a ‘good deal’, especially if they can find skills that do the job well. But as a freelancer, especially if you are really good at what you offer, it’s not a great one. Moreover, SproutGigs keeps 7% of the money from both the freelancer and buyer, totaling 14%. As an example, if a gig is worth $3, you receive $2.58.

The price of gigs you post on SproutGigs has to be similar to other offers for you to find buyers. Otherwise, nobody will patronize your gig if they can get it done cheaper by another person.

Since the jobs are relatively cheap, some people use SproutGigs to do task arbitrage. This means that they hire SproutGigs workers for cheap, deliver their services on higher-paying platforms like Fiverr and Legiit and get paid up to 5x to 10x the amount you receive for the same job. Unfortunately, if you switched to Fiverr and the like, you’d find it tougher to settle in.

So, while SproutGigs is a lot easier to have visibility, you’ll not earn good money for your skill. For African countries like Nigeria, the bids on your gigs will also be lower compared to the US, UK, etc.

SproutGigs MicroJobs Are Not Profitable

The next way to earn on SproutGigs is the micro jobs. This one is for people looking for unskilled digital tasks to do and get paid. The types of jobs you’ll see here are visiting a website, downloading an app, liking a profile picture, joining a WhatsApp group, subscribing to a YouTube channel, following someone on Facebook, liking X post, joining a Telegram channel, etc.

The MicroJob section is where a lot of people make the money, and it’s very fast to make money here. The problem is that the pay is very low. If you have a Tier 1 country account like the UK, US, Canada, etc., the pay is better, but poor for countries like Nigeria, and other African countries.

The jobs in this micro job section are divided into two: Power Jobs and Featured. You are very likely to run into issues with the Power Jobs, but the pay is higher, usually at least $2.

An example of such a job could be for you to complete human verification by survey or install the app, generate a PCode, and watch a video for 5 seconds. When you submit the proof, you get paid. But it’s not always as easy as it looks because SproutGigs is known for blocking accounts over mistakes, false positives, and sometimes accidentally.

You really MUST understand the instructions before you start a job or get banned. I advise new users to build an account history, starting with the featured jobs, especially those simple ones that pay $0.030. These types of jobs usually require you to visit a particular website and engage with the articles. Yes, the money is low but that’s the best way to build trust in your account.

One feature you should use sparingly on SproutGigs is the ‘Hold This Job’. It’s going to cost you $0.0003 to hold a job for 10 minutes.

I have broken down SproutGigs so you now know that it’s for freelancers and buyers. Then, under freelancers, it’s divided into skilled (gigs) and unskilled (micro-jobs).

SproutGigs now has a survey section, and I’ll tell you why it’s not worth it.

You Won’t Get a Lot of Surveys to Do!

Surveys are a new thing on SproutGigs, and they have been able to properly integrate the system on their website. However, for most tier 3 countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc., you won’t find surveys that you qualify for.

I mentioned some of their surveys partners earlier, including Cpx, AdGate, etc. If you have been on TimeBucks, you would know that these are the same partners. And yes, it’s the same offers here on SproutGigs. SproutGigs itself isn’t at fault, but rather, Nigeria as a location is.

If your account is UK or the US, you will have a lot of high-paying surveys to complete.

How Do You Withdraw from SproutGigs?

If you are a Nigerian, the only way to withdraw from SproutGigs is through Payoneer. You must have a balance of $15 to withdraw to your Payoneer account. To be honest with you, the average earning on SproutGigs is low, so it’ll be hard for you to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold amount of Payoneer to bank, which is $50. Your Payoneer withdrawal is processed within 10 business days after you request a payment.

Withdrawal methods on SproutGigs

As for PayPal (even if you manage to have a payment receiving account), SproutGigs denies withdrawal to PayPal on Nigerian accounts.

SproutGigs used to support AirTM withdrawal, but recently AirTM is no longer supported. At the time of this review, AirTM is still not supported. AirTM allowed users to withdraw $5.

Unfortunately for people in Nigeria, Litecoin is not also a withdrawal method.


SproutGigs is okay if you want to make your first dollar doing jobs that don’t require skills. If you are skilled, you can do the gigs, but the pay is little, compared to what you would get on UpWork and Fiverr. However, you’ll easily be visible on SproutGigs. As for the MicroJobs section, there are a lot of tasks to complete there and get paid, but you won’t make $5 a day. As for completing surveys, it’s the fastest way to make more money but locations like Nigeria do not receive a lot of surveys. Even when you do, you don’t qualify for many of them.

I give SproutGigs 3.5/5 ratings. A good site but little pay, and they are quick to ban accounts.

I promise you won’t find any information better than this. This is SproutGigs simplified. If you would like any more information about this platform, please let me know in the comment section. Also, help me share this with others.

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