Invest 100 Naira Now and Earn Daily with This…

Oops, 100 naira is really small, like really, really small. But… I will try to come up with something, if that makes sense. Hopefully, you’ll use this method to make more money daily.

If we weigh this amount with the dollar currently, that is 0.065 USD. It won’t afford you anything tangible. I promise this is the only reasonable post you’ll find on the web about this topic. I will also keep it simple, short and sweet.

Know What the Term ‘Invest’ Really Means

It’s true that making money is hard work. But making your money work for you is what investment means. When you invest, you’re putting your money into something that can make it grow in value. Instead of letting your money sit idle in a savings account, for example, that 100 naira, you use it to buy something that could increase in value. It could be a stock, a bond, a piece of real estate, or even a business venture. Unfortunately, 100 naira is too little for these examples.

We invest to earn a return. This means you could get interest, dividends, or even a profit from selling your investment higher than you bought it for. This is what it means to make your money work for you.

Yes, there’s always some level of risk involved. The value of your investment could go down, instead of up. The best you can do is minimize that risk and increase your chances of success if you have the right strategies.

But in our case, what you’ll learn isn’t really investing, but some people would call it so at the end of this pose.

Here’s an Idea: Invest 100 Naira and Earn Daily

A way out is to:

Buy data with that money

Depending on your mobile network provider, you might get a reasonable amount of data for 100 naira. MTN, for example, will give you 100mb for one day. What you’ll get is a daily subscription only. But if you want to get more data, then wait for the night plan. Most networks offer night plans. Find out the USSD code for yours and see the amount of data you’ll get.

Turn off background data on your phone

When you buy this data, background processes on your device will quickly finish it up. The solution is to block apps from using your data in the background. This also means that you will no longer receive notifications from WhatsApp, TikTok and the rest. Find out how to disable background data for your device and you’re good to go.

Start doing small, digital tasks online

I’m going to list 3 sure sites that will pay you to do tasks online and get paid. That way, you’ll quickly turn your 100 naira into something bigger with your data. Well, correct to say it’s an investment.

The sites are:

  1. TimeBucks
  2. SproutGigs
  3. HawkIt

I’ll try to tell you the aspects to focus on so that your 100 naira investment doesn’t run out before you even know what you are doing.

Let’s start with TimeBucks

First, you are going to open an account on if you have not already heard of this app. After you have created this account, sign in with your details. Now, when signed in, click the menu () button on the top-left of your phone. Click the option that says EARN. Click Tasks. You will see a list of tasks to do, from $0.002 to more than $0.014. Target that of 0.014 and above. But make sure you understand the instructions CLEARLY to avoid your task being rejected after submission. If you have issues with understanding the instructions, come back here and leave a comment—you’ll receive a response. The more tasks you can complete, the more money you make. Avoid tasks that require you to download anything.

However, you can only withdraw your money after you have made $5. The payment method to use is AirTM. If you are familiar with crypto, you can receive payments to your Litecoin address.

The next one is SproutGigs

As for SproutGigs, you won’t make a lot, but you will earn more than the 100 naira you have invested in data. SproutGigs also pays in dollars.

First, go to and create an account. Now, log into your account after the sign-up. On your top-right, click the menu button (). From the list, tap the one that says “MicroJobs”. Under MicroJobs, tap “Find Jobs”.

You will see a list of jobs available to do. Go for the jobs that pay $0.030 and $0.040. The title of these jobs is typically something like “SEO + Promote Content + Engage“. So, what you’ll simply do here is tap on it to open. Follow the instructions to complete the job and get paid. If you have issues with the instructions, please come back here and leave a comment—you’ll be assisted. SproutGigs is very strict, and easily bans accounts.

The problem with SproutGigs is that you can’t receive a payment less than $15 to Payoneer ever since they stopped supporting AirTM. AirTM used to allow workers to withdraw $5. But the only option available for Nigerians now is Payoneer, and you can only withdraw $50 from your Payoneer account.

Finally, we have HawkIt

Unlike TimeBucks and SproutGigs, HawkIt is owned by a Nigerian. The payment on HawkIt is also smaller compared to others. I have written a very informative review of HawkIt, which I recommend you read before signing up. That publication will tell you exactly what to expect on this website.

The only advantage that HawkIt has over the rest is that it pays directly to your Nigerian bank account. However, the money you earn is a lot smaller, and sometimes, HawkIt is shady.

As for HawkIt, once you open an account, and sign in, you will see a list of available jobs to do. Go for those simpler ones that require you to subscribe, like, share posts, etc. Don’t do the ones that require you to download apps because you’ll run out of data quickly.


You have to pay 1,000 naira to join HawkIt—so not worth it.

One thing in common with these sites is that you will be given tasks that require no skill. It’s just to tap here and there, and get paid if you follow the instructions I have given. Also, it’s free to sign up and start earning.

Please… Be Careful of Scams

There are a lot of fake apps out there. A lot of them will promise you instantly doubling of your money or earning back interests daily. But the moment you put that 100 naira in them, it’s gone. Multiply this amount by 100, and that’s 10k, and they can easily make this within minutes because people love anything that promises to double their investments.

Don’t put that money in Ponzi. If you want to really risk it outside of the things I’ve given you to do, look for the nearest Bet9ja and stake—just kidding.

But seriously, the three sites I’ve given you can help you make back that money and more. I prefer TimeBucks over the rest. SproutGigs has payment method issues, but they pay out 100%. As for HawkIt, read the review article I linked to earlier to know what’s up.

If you have noticed, I deliberately did not add any media in this post, such as an image, or whatever. The reason is so that you won’t spend more money on data than necessary. I’m helping you to cut costs, so do me a favor, and share with this post on any social media platform (Facebook, X, etc.) that you are active on using the share buttons below. I hope you make the best use of your 100 naira, and get a much better return.

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