TimeBucks is Real But Task Section Dead in Nigeria & Others

TimeBucks has been the go-to website for people to make quick bucks just by doing some online tasks. And yes, it’s a real place that actually pays. A lot of people in countries like Nigeria even turned this platform into a hobby place for making money on the side, with somewhere up to $10 per week being the average amount according to screenshots that circulate on Facebook groups and pages. If you put in the work all day, and fortunate with surveys, you ‘were’ guaranteed to make up to $60 in one week. In the West, this is called ‘beer money’.

Recently, however, there have been concerns about TimeBucks sidelining Nigerians from the task section/tab. We know that apart from the task tab, it’s harder to earn from other methods such as surveys (you rarely find one you qualify for), downloading and playing games, etc. Anyway, we won’t beat about the bush—let’s get straight into why you’ll no longer see the TimeBucks you used to know anymore, at least in the case of TASKS.

TimeBucks Real or Fake?

Those who have been on this site since around 2014 know that it’s real. Yes, it’s a legit GPT (get paid to) site. You get paid primarily to do surveys, visit websites and social media pages, and test games and websites for people.

Usually, TimeBucks pays every Friday to those who have verified their profile, added a payment method, and have reached the $5 payment threshold. The common payment method Nigerians, for example, often use, is Litecoin (LTC) and Airtm.

Meanwhile, if you only recently joined, ignore those YouTube videos that claim they make $100 per week and all sorts of lies. In fact, the only way to make more money (like up to $3 at once) is surveys but you won’t even qualify for up to 10 of them in one week. You can also earn a lot more playing games, but it’s tougher here as you might get rejected after days of playing. As for surveys, for most of them, you won’t even be qualified.

The Task Tab is Where the Money Is

The task section on TimeBucks is where the money used to be before now because you endlessly had what to do over and over again. The more tasks you completed, the more tasks were being added. Now that was interesting. I advertise here myself and still do for some other engagements.

If you have been on TimeBucks task tab for a long time, you’ll know that the common tasks used to be things like “visit my website and engage with 5 posts”. This is what lots of people loved doing and then getting paid up to $0.050. The lowest bid is $0.07 to visit and engage with a website. The average one is $0.017. Currently, it’s lower.

Whenever you looked at the Money Available to Earn under the Tasks, you’d see something around $5 to $10. Now, you only see around $0.200 available to earn. Sometimes, you see $0.050, which you’ll call ridiculous.

If you decide to move on from Tasks, then what you want to do is surveys. Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for most of the surveys. That’s the situation, which is the reason Tasks are the best, even now that you don’t find a lot of tasks anymore. The few tasks you see are just some stubborn advertisers still testing if TimeBucks is still worth it for their campaigns and money.

Now, let’s get into the main thing.

What Happened to TimeBucks Task Tab in Nigeria?

The short answer is arbitrage blogging, and we’ll explain. Ps. It’s not dead in Nigeria only—the same goes for some other countries, especially in Africa such as Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana.

You have noticed that the task tab no longer has as many tasks as it used to in the past. Now, you barely even see up to 20 tasks in a whole day. The problem isn’t TimeBucks. In fact, around February and March (if not mistaken) of 2024 when TimeBucks went into a month-long site maintenance, some people thought they had blocked Nigerians without coming out to say it. When Anthony, one of the owners was contacted, he confirmed that, in fact, Nigeria gave TimeBucks more than 60% of its entire traffic. I say more than 60% because I couldn’t find the screenshot I took of that conversation. It was something close to 70-75%. That’s a big number, so there’s no way TimeBucks would have dumped such massive traffic that’s giving them the workers and money.

If you understand the concept of arbitrage blogging, then you’ll understand this explanation. Even if you don’t, you’ll still understand it. How this arbitrage works is that advertisers come to TimeBucks and set up campaigns advertising their websites. As you engage on their websites or products, they earn more than they have invested. Some of the advertisers invested as much as $20,000 in campaigns. Yes, I made no mistake with the amount you just read—$20,000. It was according to your pocket. Some did $50 but most hovered around $1,000 and $5,000.

As they advertise their website for you to engage with your favorite content, they earn. That’s just the basics. I won’t go any deeper than this because it’s a whole new world out here. Some choose to call it an underworld of advertising. Again, I won’t explain why it’s an underworld as I’m not inclined to.

Fast-forward to May 2024, advertisers started seeing deductions on their earnings dashboards, and it was mostly a result of advertising their website on TimeBucks. They had to pull out, which is the reason you no longer see many tasks on TimeBucks. Some even lost their publisher accounts as a result, and a lot of money down the drain.

Yep, that’s how they all abandoned TimeBucks. I could go on and on, including telling what really caused the deductions and what Google really did but that’s not really for you to know. You have known the base, which is that campaigns were no longer converting and advertisers were losing money.

By the way, stick on because you’ll soon find out the real REASON TimeBucks no longer worked well for advertisers.

Will the Task Section Return?

The good news is that the tasks section on TimeBucks is active. What you see there is exactly how TimeBucks should be right now. The bad news is that this isn’t one of those annoying TimeBucks maintenance. This time around, it has nothing to do with TimeBucks but the advertisers.

Whether the Tasks section on TB (TimeBucks) will return or not is up to the advertisers. If they can figure out a way to make it work on their own end, then it’ll return. In fact, TimeBucks got so bad for advertisers that they had to dub it ‘Tuberculosis’. Some advertisers call it ‘Time Bomb’. It was now considered an advertising disease that costs advertisers so much money without returns.

And now, about the reason TimeBucks Tasks are dead in Nigeria with no sign of coming back…

TimeBucks Workers Are the REASON the Tasks Section is Dead!

Hard to admit this but it is the truth. Someone had to say it. But you are wondering ‘Why?’

Do you recall not doing the tasks as provided in the instructions? Perhaps you were honest but a lot of TimeBucks workers weren’t. They typically submitted fake screenshots that affected the advertisers. Some also use VPNs, especially tier 1 and tier 2 workers! TimeBucks is against VPNs but never really did anything serious to block the use of VPNs on its platform.

Advertisers had to spend either extra time or money on people to go through the screenshots and reject fake ones. In a bid to complete their clients’ submission review jobs faster, these people often rejected correctly done tasks as well. Well, thanks to the ‘Dispute’ feature, a lot of workers were able to actually get paid for what they did correctly. Unfortunately, many who weren’t aware of the dispute feature missed out and usually saw their approval rate drop as low as 30%, which meant getting banned on TimeBucks.

As a worker, not following the instructions of scrolling/engaging your favorite content on a website for the given minutes led to TimeBucks no longer working. Some just opened the site, took a screenshot and were ready to move on to the next task. Now, this was bad, and it affected the advertisers in a way I’m not going to go into because it’s a long story itself.

But what you have to know is that if only you followed the instructions, and actually engaged the websites as was instructed, the task section would probably not be dead today.

Now, Given another chance, would you repeat your mistakes or still try to play smart? That’s a question you have to answer honestly, and your answer will determine if you are indeed ready for the new TimeBucks alternative that’ll be announced soon. Nope, it isn’t Hawkit, OwoDaily, SideGig, etc. We’ve reviewed all these, and they are far from what TimeBucks can offer you.

The new platform will be something like TimeBucks 2.0.

So, What’s This TimeBucks Alternative?

I’ve been opportune to participate in the small group of testers pending the launch date of the new platform. At this point, it’s best not to reveal the name of the platform yet. It’s actually live but not open for both advertisers and workers. The owner was initially meant to launch the new TimeBucks alternative on 25th May 2024, but it would have been a disaster if he did. The launch date was suspended to make sure what was being built was going to be rock-solid.

Like TimeBucks, it’s going to feature Tasks, such as those you are already familiar with, and a lot more ways to earn money online. Once this platform is live, I’ll update this article, and then make another one introducing you to this new platform.

While you are waiting, please, do others the favor of letting them read this information by sharing. Also, don’t treat this incoming platform the way you did with TimeBucks, else, it’ll die faster than you can say “ah”.

Next time, don’t drag TimeBucks staff for not giving you tasks because there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. TimeBucks was as confused as you were when they noticed a massive drop in the number of tasks available. Now you know what’s up, and I hope you’ll share to take others out of the dark. A lot of people have been in the dark for too long! Someone had to say something about the situation, and now you have it. I deliberately kept lots of information from you as it’s not necessary. But just knowing what you know now is enough.

For now, let’s anticipate a new arrival.

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