Play Whot and Win Real Money [in Nigeria] in 2024

It’ll be so fun playing the traditional game of Whot online and winning money. And yes, this is possible. We have apps that allow you to play Whot and win real money in Naira and in Nigeria. So, while Whot can be a game of luck, if you have the skills and strategy, you could win so much money playing against your friends and even strangers online.

Now, the idea of getting free money with Whot is a beautiful one. The problem is that these apps bringing us this digital Whot are not perfect. You’ll actually find a lot of Whot apps but after my research for this post, I found only 3 apps that actually ‘claim’ that players will win real money. Of course, I installed them, experienced the thrill myself, and also read what other players had to say about these apps. So, this post is some sort of review as well. You’ll get to know those Whot apps that pay real money and if such an app is worth it or not.

Play Whot and Win Real Money in Nigeria

So, I found 3 apps that promise to pay money if only you can play Whot and win. Well, I installed each app so I can review whether they are worth it or not. I’m simply going to cover the pain points and frustrating reasons why these apps may not be worth it, even though the idea behind their development is a great one.

1. Whot Africa

Shot Africa - play Whot and win real money

We’ll start with Whot Africa because it is the most promising of all the apps that let you play Whot and win real money. If you are downloading this app, make sure it is the same logo you are seeing in this post. While this app meets the requirements for this topic, it is not perfect.

Almost all the 1 and 2-star ratings are describing this app as a scam. We’ll talk about why. Usually, low ratings should focus on bugs and maintenance issues. But when it goes the other way, like something that has to do with money, such an app becomes questionable.

I like this app because you can play Whot in Africa digitally. So, you don’t have to be there in person with your friends to battle it out. This app works online against other users. You can also play offline. The graphics are not bad. Even the user interface is friendly.

But! The way this Whot app behaves makes you think it is a fraud app. A lot of users keep screaming, “Don’t waste your time installing this.” The app developers need to really step up and fix the problem. So, I even tried to withdraw several times but was not successful.

Also, this beautiful Whot game is obviously rigged and is filled with annoying ads. If you are not a fan of too many ads, you won’t like this Whot app. An ad pops up after each game.

Now, one aspect I think the developers really need to address is misleading us users/players. Why would you say this game is free only for players to find out that every portion of it requires money after downloading? Anyway, this isn’t even as disappointing as playing against a bot and needing to buy lives. If this continues, players may as well just delete this app.

As for your money, you can’t trust ‘apps’ with it, including this Whot app. I also do receive annoying notifications about certain players winning like 9,000 or 5,800, which may not even be true. So, I had to disable this app from sending notifications.

Also, Whot Africa should make it a habit to respond to the reviews. Don’t tell us to send you an email rather than publicly suggest a fix that may help everyone. You’re adding to the existing question of whether this app is even legit or a scam.

So, a lot of complaints I have seen about Whot Africa has to do with withdrawal. While it is a method for you to play Whot and win real money, getting the cash can be frustrating.

2. Waje Game

Waje Game - play Whot and win real money

The second app you can use to play Whot and win money in Nigeria is the Waje Game. Now, Waje, just like Whot Africa, is the digital form of traditional Nigerian games like Whot, Ludo, etc. Meanwhile, I wrote an article about playing Ludo and earning real money—make sure to read this review article.

Waje Game allows you to challenge your friends and many Nigerians out there. The idea is fun and thrilling but the execution by the app makers is not pleasing. Waje really lost it. Now, this is a real money game app. But the problem is that it can become really frustrating to get your hard-earned money.

Apart from rigging this Whot game against players, it also feels like it is a waste of time downloading Waje Game in the first place. I held myself back from rating this app on the Google Play Store only because I felt the app developers could do better. If I decide to rate Waje Game at this point, even 1 star will be generous. I understand a lot of work has been put into this app—beautiful. But, guys, it can be better and less frustrating.

I’ve even read reviews about players staking money, and then all the money in their balance suddenly disappears. Unfortunately, reporting to customer support usually does not bring any tangible solution.

Waje shouldn’t be so full of AI cheating, and making it very hard to win. Make it a fair playground for all; not just for yourselves.

A lot of users are already complaining that this Whot app was designed to take money from players and not give back. Allow those who put in the thousands and play with skills and luck to take home the winnings. Otherwise, the Waje Game is a total rip-off of players’ hard-earned money. This is supposed to be an app to play Whot and win real money rather than lose money without any profit. Also, allow players to withdraw their earnings when due.

3. Waje Special

Waje Special - play Whot and win real money

So, Waje Special is the third Whot app that you can play to make free money. Unfortunately, this is just a promise that does not come true, and sometimes after frustrations. The goal should be to play our Nigerian traditional games, including Whot and smiling to the bank.

The treatment players get from this app makes it seem fake and not legit. After earning the money, it becomes a headache to withdraw. If you click on the withdraw button, sometimes it requests a mode of payment into the game instead of your own bank account. Hopefully, this is fixed.

It’s a great game, no doubt. Just that the gameplay is manipulated and rigged against the real player. I found that when you are winning, the Whot game blocks you from choosing the number of people to play with, and then the game does the choosing for you. This is easily manipulated and then you lose your money. So, the game technically picks a winner—not fair.


Oh, well, we’ve come to the end, and yes, you can play Whot and win real money. Unfortunately, no perfect Whot app out there that will give you real money. It just seems the few startups are either not serious about the project or just too insincere with players. It’s almost as if the apps are designed to take your money without giving back the winnings you deserve.

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