Is Hawkit Legit or Scam in Nigeria [Honest Review 2024]

I understand you are looking for opportunities to instantly earn money online. Unfortunately, a lot of them out there are out to milk you dry, and not worth your time. In this article, I’ll be reviewing a certain app called Hawkit. So, is Hawkit legit or a scam? Well, this app is not 100% legit or a scam—it is actually a mix of both from my experience.

It pains me to say that many of the YouTube videos you’d find reviewing this app are misleading. It’s either the creators just want to talk about an app but without doing any research or using the app or they are being paid to give the app praises it does not deserve. Before you install Hawkit, I have a lot of things you really need to consider.

This app will claim that you are guaranteed a steady income every day by doing simple and social tasks. But what this app does not tell you is that it is doing task arbitrage. So, they go on to those legit sites that pay well to complete tasks and then forward those tasks to you. In return, you are paid peanuts after burning so much money on data!

The typical tasks you will do on this app include following social media accounts, liking social media posts, commenting on posts, sharing posts, subscribing to YouTube channels, posting adverts on your WhatsApp status, and writing app reviews. Simply because it promises to pay does not mean you get anything tangible. For example, 3 naira to like and comment on a post is nonsense. In case you do not know, your IP address and your personal account are worth a lot more than this peanut because the developers make a lot more behind your keyboard.

On Hawkit, people can also buy Nigerian followers, likes, comments, shares, YouTube subscribers, and WhatsApp status views. You can even start an airtime/data business. But is it even worth it here?

Is Hawkit Legit?

Is Hawkit Legit

Hawkit is a mix of legit and scam. Only people with a third eye can actually see what goes on behind this app. It isn’t the paid-to-work app you think it is. If you sign up, don’t raise your hopes because you’re not going to make anything tangible if you value your time, data cost, and so on.

Now, let’s talk about the reviews. If you are savvy like me, you’ll know that many of Hawkit’s reviews are fake. Read the reviews and pay attention to the sentence flow and everything. The actual human reviews are those with 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star ratings, with most being 1 star.

Hawkit actually is a good idea—the whole small job arbitrage. However, the developers got everything wrong about this app. The same way people buy likes and other forms of engagements here is the same way Hawkit has obtained its app reviews. Read the reviews carefully, particularly the higher ratings, and you’ll find discrepancies. A lot of the reviews are not authentic

Now, why charge a membership fee for an app that should be generating funds from advertisers? We have better paying sites like Timebucks which doesn’t ask for payment to work, except you have to fund at least $5 for your advertisement. It’s not like Hawkit is anything revolutionary after all, so gullible Nigerians actually fall for this app.

Why should withdrawals take forever, like weeks, and still pending? Even international payments are processed within 3-5 days. This is a local payment service, which should not exceed 24 hours at maximum. It’s not like the amount of money earned by workers is so huge after all.

Only 3 naira for likes and comments? Seriously? How much is data in Nigeria? It takes about 34 likes and comments to make 100 naira! Pathetic.

You can’t withdraw the money you’ve earned from completing tasks in this app as fast as you expect. A lot of the time, this buggy app crashes your account, and then you find that the petty earnings you made and your original subscription are gone.

Even though they say there are many tasks available, you won’t actually get to do any to earn money, which is the whole point.

After paying, the only tasks you get paid very little, just ₦3 per post. That’s if you even find them. This app is inconsistent with tasks. Some days it works, other days it doesn’t. It’s either slow to load tasks or doesn’t load them at all.

How Does Hawkit App Work?

Really, though? A buy and sell website combined with a get paid to do tasks website? A terrible combination. As I mentioned earlier, the idea behind Hawkit is really a good one but just too many bad decisions by the app makers.

This website is not very trustworthy. Before you can start, you need to deposit money, and then you are paid a very small amount for following people on social media. It’s not worth your time or money.

This app doesn’t work as promised in terms of advertising your product, though. They say you’ll connect with buyers once you list your product, but even after paying a membership fee, you may not be able to post any ads. It keeps saying there are no ads available. It feels like a scam, and it’s unfair to people trying to make an honest living.

How to Use Hawkit App to Earn

With Hawkit, you have different good ways to earn, even though it won’t be as simple as they make it seem.

  1. Earn ₦3 for each social media account you follow on platforms like Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok.
  2. Get ₦3 for every business page like on Facebook.
  3. Earn ₦3 per post like on Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok.
  4. Receive ₦15 for each comment you make on posts across Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok.
  5. Post adverts on your Whatsapp status to earn ₦20 each.
  6. Earn ₦10 for every share or retweet to your followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Get ₦30 for each YouTube channel subscription.
  8. Earn ₦30 for downloading apps and posting reviews on the Google Play Store.
  9. Downloading apps and posting reviews on the Apple Store earns you ₦60 per action.
  10. Introduce a new member to Hawkit and earn an instant referral commission of ₦500.
  11. Start an airtime/data business on Hawkit.
  12. Sell your products and services on the Hawkit Market, accessing thousands of buyers.

If you even find the tasks to make this petty money, it’ll take you like forever to accumulate up to 1,000 naira. You’ll literally spend a whole day just to make an amount that can’t afford you a weekly data subscription and profit. So, let’s say you are using your own account, data, IP, and time to like and comment on someone’s social media post. You’ll need to complete over 30 tasks to make 100 naira. For 1,000 naira, which is not even up to $1 anymore, you’ll need to do more than 300 tasks!

Pros and Cons of Hawkit App

Let’s just see the pros and cons of this app.


  • Airtime purchase feature.
  • Available on Google Play and Apple App stores.


  • Poor communication from the support team
  • Too many bugs with the app
  • Withdrawal is not instant. It takes a lot of time.
  • You pay 1,000 naira to register.
  • Payment for tasks is very cheap, and probably not worth it for most users. You get paid as little as 3 naira for a task that uses more than 3 naira of your data.
  • Sometimes asks for  KYC information.

Is Hawkit App Safe?

With how they fail to keep promises, I wouldn’t say that Hawkit is safe. First, this app can ask for KYC information, including your personal information for withdrawal. Should Hawkit ask for this information in the first place? No. This is not a bank or a fintech app. It’s a mere paid to work online app that should pay workers what they work for without the unnecessary KYC or whatever. Do not share your personal information or your ID on Hawkit. You do not know those behind this app, so you could be dealing with people who will use your ID for activities you know nothing about.

Hawkit will typically ask for your email address, first name and last name, phone number (can have access to your phone contacts as well), address, state, and city. If you are not okay with sharing this information with people you don’t know, then avoid Hawkit.


So, is Hawkit legit or a scam? Hawkit is a mix of scams, and maintenance issues, coupled with a bit of legitimacy. In this review, I have informed you about the things you really need to know that most people won’t tell you. Those YouTube creators are only interested in what their videos generate rather than actually providing you with adequate information.

So, a lot of people have actually registered for Hawkit and are either asking for their registration money back or just straight-up uninstalling the app. It screams something fishy, and so far, no proper responses from the app developers. It’s clear that Hawkit has made enough money from disappointed users without offering the value they promised.

If you are not willing to cope with the cons mentioned in this Hawkit app review, don’t bother downloading this app. It’s frustrating because even when you complete tasks and provide proof, this buggy app may cancel it. It also takes a long time to get paid, and the payment for tasks is very low. When you try to upload proof, the app resets, which is really disappointing.

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