Why OwoDaily is Both Legit & Scam [Honest User Review]

Some GPT (get paid to) sites are worth it, and some not worth signing up for if you just want a place to do small, digital tasks and get paid fast. In this review, we’ll scrutinize OwoDaily, focusing on the common problem of this money app. If there are any positives, you’ll find out in this review.

OwoDaily is a micro job site owned by OwoDaily Limited. It is legit but is not regulated by any agency in Nigeria.  However, you can report this website to the FCCPC (Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission) if you experience an unacceptable consumer treatment. This website has a CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) registration. The physical address is Plot A37E, Prince Samuel Adedoyin Street, Ikate Ancient City, Lekki. The website is owodaily.com.

Is OwoDaily Legit?

OwoDaily is legit per se. However, you’ll find many YouTube videos reviewing this site with misleading information. It’s either the creators just want to talk without actually working on this site or have been paid to review. It has some problems, which you’ll find out here before opening an account.

OwoDaily isn’t the site it is made out to be, whereby you are promised digital jobs. It’s nothing close to a job. What you’ll earn on OwoDaily is what we call ‘chicken change’ or ‘beer money’ depending on how much you can accumulate on this site.

You won’t make a steady income every day on OwoDaily because tasks are rare, and you’ll get paid very little amount if you manage to find one.

About its reviews, some of OwoDaily’s reviews are fake. The actual human reviews are those with 1 to 2-star ratings, with most being 1 star. OwoDaily actually is a good idea—the whole small jobs and job listings. The same way people buy likes and other forms of engagements here is the same way OwoDaily has obtained its site reviews.

OwoDaily has a membership fee. A better alternative like TimeBucks doesn’t have any form of subscription. Workers on TimeBucks don’t have to fund to earn—just sign up, work, and get paid.

The basic membership fee on OwoDaily is 3,000 naira while OwoDaily+ is 10,000 naira. It’s a one time payment.

If you sign up as a worker on OwoDaily, it is difficult to earn up to 1,000 naira doing jobs within the next 2 months. Unfortunately, you’ll see YouTube and TikTok creators claiming to make 100k+ in less than 10 days—these are all lies with fake screenshots. The number of jobs you find in one month is very few—you’ll be lucky if you see up to 20 jobs. Most of the jobs pay 8 to 10 naira.

Let’s do the calculation:

10 (naira) x 10 (jobs) = 100 naira. It’ll take you 100 jobs (that pay 10 naira) to reach 1,000 naira, which doesn’t even cover the cost of signing up. Unfortunately, you may not see these jobs for a whole month. Don’t forget that you use data subscription, your time, and battery to do the tasks.

Owodaily’s minimum withdrawal is 5,000 naira. It’ll take a long time for you to reach this threshold. Going by our earlier calculation, that’ll be 500 tasks paying 10 naira.

As for those signing up as buyers, your project might end up pending approval for a long time, and OwoDaily’s support typically does too little to help.

How Does OwoDaily Work?

The type of jobs you will do on this website include liking a post on Facebook, sharing a Youtube video, subscribing to a YouTube channel, liking a YouTube video, etc., and then get paid 8 naira. This is very similar to Sidegig.co, another GPT app.

This site doesn’t work well in terms of advertising your product, though. Two issues here are that even after paying a membership fee, you may not be able to post any ads, and many times, it takes longer for approval.

You don’t need any skills for these jobs. It could be a small job to like an Instagram Reel and get paid 10 naira or make an Instagram comment on the video and get 10 naira. You can also like a YouTube video, comment and subscribe and get paid 15 naira.

You’ll also see jobs that pay you 1,000 naira to write a review or 500 naira to sign up with KYC on apps like PiggyVest, etc. Such opportunities are often rare on this site.

How to Open OwoDaily Account

  1. Go to owodaily.com
  2. Click Start Earning, Sign Up Now
  3. Enter your name, email address, and username
  4. Click Next
  5. Under Purpose of Membership, select Subscribe for Membership
  6. Choose your Country
  7. Enter your phone number
  8. Click Next
  9. Enter and confirm your password
  10. Click Next
  11. Tick the box that says “I agree to the Terms & Conditions For Membership”
  12. Click Submit & Complete Registration
  13. Verify your email address
  14. Finally, sign in with your information and Start working

After verifying your email, you will be asked to make payments as a member. You can sign up as a basic or OwoDaily+ member.

If you want to try for yourself, sign up and see. You’ll have to pick a membership plan. OwoDaily has basic and OwoDaily+ plans, 3,000 naira and 10,000 naira respectively. As for the basic plan, you can earn passive income by getting paid to promote and complete small digital jobs. You can also sell on OwoDaily.

The OwoDaily+ is premium—you pay to play. Most GPT sites won’t require you to pay for anything to earn or spend on their platform. Either way, the platform will still make money, so the idea of a paid membership isn’t worth it, and it shows that basic users are not prioritized, or that OwoDaily just wants your money.

OwoDaily is Nigerian, and pays into your local bank account in Nigeria.

How to Do Small Jobs on OwoDaily

This is how you apply for an OwoDaily job after signing into your account:

  1. On the homepage where you have the list of jobs, click on Apply. You’ll also be shown the amount of money you’ll  receive for the job. For example, viewing an Instagram Reel can pay you 10 naira
  2. After you click on Apply, on the next page, you’ll see the job information and instructions
  3. Read the instructions carefully and visit the link in the job description on a new tab on your browser
  4. When the link opens up, do what you saw in the instructions, it could be to watch a particular video, like a Facebook post, comment on a YouTube video, etc.
  5. Once done, return to the instruction page and submit the required proofs

It’s not difficult but the problem is that the pay may not be worth it for you.

Pros and Cons


  • You get paid to do simple digital tasks
  • Pays into local Nigerian bank
  • Has a 5,000 naira payment threshold
  • It operates as a website with user friendly interface
  • OwoDaily has an active CAC profile


  • Poor customer support
  • No legit physical address
  • Has no app on Google Play or App Store
  • Takes too long to approve tasks
  • You pay 3,000 naira or 10,000 naira to become a member
  • Withdrawal is not instant, and it takes a long time to reach the payment threshold
  • Payment for tasks is very cheap, and probably not worth it for most workers
  • You get paid as little as 8 naira for a task that uses more than 8 naira of your data
  • Some OwoDaily tasks ask for your KYC information

Is Your Personal and Bank Information Safe with OwoDaily?

OwoDaily has not had any customer data abuse reports. However, you cannot trust this site with your personal and bank information as it is not regulated by any agency in Nigeria. It’s perfectly fine to submit your bank information such as your account number and name when it’s time to get paid.

Personal information collected includes your name, email address, and phone number. Bank information collected by OwoDaily includes your account number and bank name for payment when you reach the threshold.

When you visit the OwoDaily website, information collected from your device includes your device ID, GPS information, device operating system, and IP address.

It’s up to you to make this decision. OwoDaily may not be a perfect site for getting paid to do small jobs but one thing it does is actually pay workers who manage to reach the 5,000 naira threshold.

In this review, OwoDaily gets a 2 out of 5 rating for the small amount paid to workers for small tasks. When you factor in the value of your time, cost of data subscription, and powering your phone’s battery to work, OwoDaily is not worth it for a job. It’s only a chicken change website.

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