Play Ludo and Earn Real Money in Nigeria

It sounds fun playing Ludo and winning real money, right? And you’ll earn in Naira with the app I’m going to show you. So, this post is basically about an app you can use to play Ludo and earn real money in Nigeria, and in Naira. However, the app I will mention seems like a scheme designed to take away your money. Don’t worry. As you read on, you’ll be able to decide if you should install it to make free money playing Ludo, of course, with peanut investments.

Ludo Naira is the name of the app, and unfortunately, it is not perfect. So, this post is also going to be like some review. I have installed and used this app myself. It wasn’t perfect, and I will talk about those things that will make anyone wonder if this app is legit in the first place. I’ll say it’s actually legit because it actually pays real money. Nevertheless, the makers of this app can be annoying and frustrating. Note that this isn’t some paid review. Obviously, from the tone of this post, you can tell that I do not endorse or gain anything by talking about Ludo Naira.

Play Ludo and Earn Real Money in Nigeria

Yes, you can earn real money by playing Ludo. The name of the app is Ludo Naira, as I mentioned before. I have also seen other ones, but I found that those Ludo apps weren’t based on local Nigerian Ludo. However, they still pay and you actually get to compete globally.

So, what’s Ludo Naira really? Ludo Naira is a game of skill that lets you win real cash and prizes. It’s played by people all across Nigeria who are winning money. However, a lot of time, it seems like you are playing against bots and not real humans. So, like I said, it’s not a perfect app.

Now, playing Ludo is a lot exciting, especially since you get to win naira. Unfortunately, the amount you win isn’t really great, at least not as spicy as advertised. Also, while it’d be some sort of free money, you get to put down some funds, like 500 naira.

It’s actually a genuine app to play Ludo and earn real money in Nigeria. You can give it a try and win at this favorite childhood game.

Earnings can be rare for a large amount of playing and it’s even rarer before someone wins. This isn’t the worst Ludo game app ever. But the network is so terrible. How can I be winning twice now, and when it’s time to play, it tells me I’m offline? This game app sometimes feels like a scam, trust me, because when you play, you can’t get the number 6 in my case; it will slow down, and your opponent will keep getting 6. It seems like they are bots, not humans. Bet on it, when it’s your turn to win, then they start performing miracles. They are robots, so you can never defeat them. This game does pay real money but it’s not as spicy as everything seems. I’ve read reports and reviews that sometimes, players don’t even get paid at all, for one reason or the other.

Well, Ludo Tech LLP, the developers of this app, try to improve the app’s features to make it fun to play, just like adding emojis to communicate, etc.

I love this Ludo game app but the network issue is so bad. It just stops counting, showing no connection, and I’m not experiencing this with other cash games.

How to Play Ludo Naira

It’s really simple to play if you can endure some of its inefficiencies. The game lasts for 10 minutes and can be played with either 2 or 4 players. At the start, all tokens are placed openly. Players have 15 seconds to make their move.

If a player misses their turn three times, they’re out of the game. There’s a way to keep score in this game. When the 10 minutes are up, players are ranked based on their scores. Moving a token forward by one box adds one point to your score. Landing a token at home brings in an extra 56 points. But, if your token is taken out, it loses all its points and returns to the beginning. So, go for the highest score to win cash prizes.

Ludo Naira Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Well, from the reviews I have seen, Ludo Naira is not also excellent in regards to making refunds. However, I did look at the refund policy of this app.

The Ludo Naira refund policy outlines the terms for transactions on their platform, including payments for game participation. Funds from users are held in a non-interest earning escrow account for payouts to users, platform fees, and tax deductions. Ludo Naira charges a specified platform fee before game participation, debited from your account.

Users can participate in games by contributing to the Prize Money Pool, which is also debited from their account. Withdrawals from “Play Money” require identity and bank account verification, and withdrawals from “Winnings” are processed automatically after 180 days or upon request, without a processing fee. Withdrawal requests must include valid identification and address proof. In case of game cancellations, contributions are refunded. If a transaction fails but charges apply, refunds are issued within 7 business days. Taxes on prizes are deducted as per the Income Tax Act 1961, with current TDS at 31.2% for prizes over ₦10,000.

So, I actually have a serious problem with Ludo Naira’s reviews. It seems a lot of its 5-star reviews are bought. Come on; this is a great app. If the developers put in honest work, they wouldn’t have to gather fake reviews in the first place. I know those fake reviews when I see one.

Is Ludo Naira Safe?

Well, I can’t say it’s a safe app. This app and/or its third parties, including but not limited to business partners, advertising networks, analytics, or search information providers, may collect and process data about yourself in the context of Play Ludo Win Naira.

If available through the Services, you may provide them with profile information to make public, such as a short biography, your location, your website, your cell phone, a picture, and information to customize your account, etc. Such contact information may be used by Ludo Naira to send you information about the services or related information. You may also use your account settings to unsubscribe from notifications from yourself and/or from other users and find users you know.


So, Ludo Naira is the app you can use to play Ludo and earn real money in Nigeria. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect app. But it is currently the best thing you can find in the market. The whole structure of this app is a good idea but the way it is managed will make you think that it is some kind of scam scheme that should be taken off the Google Play Store. Oh, this app is not available on Apple App Store.

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